Why Consider Brow Threading As Part Of Your Makeover?

You want to get a makeover, whether you're starting a new job, you're recently getting over a breakup, or you just want to make a few changes in your life. A makeover can give you lots of confidence and reveal the best of your features, and everything from your skin care to the way your eyebrows are shaped can help enhance the way you look.

You've heard of eyebrow threading, but you've never tried it. There are many benefits to this type of procedure, whether you normally care for your brows on your own or you have never touched them before. Why consider this service as part of your makeover? Here are a few reasons to give brow threading more consideration.

You get precise brows

The concept of brow threading is unlike any other. It's not waxing, which tears hairs out in bulk and can result in uneven eyebrows or too much hair taken off at one time. It's also not like plucking, which uses tweezers and can irritate the skin while taking a long time to get results.

Brow threading is an intricate brow treatment that uses threads pulling in varying directions to gently remove unwanted hair in a manner that results in precision. If you want perfect brows every time you go to the salon to perfect your new look, then brow threading is something to consider.

You get more comfort

No brow treatment is entirely painless, but brow threading is tolerable while still giving your brows a beautiful transformation. If you're afraid of pain but know your brows need some work, talk to your brow specialist about threading and what you should expect as part of the procedure. Many customers report little to no pain and just a bit of discomfort in their journey to get perfect brows.

You get more control

Having your brows threaded means you can have more control over the shape your brows ultimately take. Your eyebrows will take a bit of time to reach the arch and shape you want, so if you decide you want to go for a thinner design or a higher arch partway through, you can let your salon specialist know. Since you're getting a makeover, you may not be sure what shape will suit your eyebrows best, so it's wise to consult with your eyebrow specialist before you have any procedures done. Your specialist will use your face shape, brow color, and more to determine what brow threading results will work best for you.