Common FAQs for Upping Your Glam Game with Lash Extensions

Batting those eyelashes dramatically is only doable and effective if you have great lashes. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not satisfied with either the thickness or length of their natural lashes. Just like hair, everyone can have different eyelash textures and lengths according to genetic factors. You could run out and buy yourself some false eyelashes, go through the trouble of gluing them on daily, and then take them off every night. However, there may be a better solution that is much easier and lasts far longer: professional lash extensions. Here's a look at a few common questions about lash extensions. 

1. Where can you get lash extensions?

Lash extensions are usually applied by professional cosmetologists or makeup artists. Therefore, you should be able to find a pro to do the lashes at a local beauty salon. Make sure you only trust professionals who know what they are doing with lash extensions so you end up with the best outcome. 

2. Will lash extensions cause damage to your natural lashes?

The glue that attaches each lash extension to your lashes is considered strong so it will last, but with the proper care, you really should not see any damage to your natural lashes. Some clients will opt for volumizing extensions to thicken the lashes, which are a bit like fans of lashes that are attached to a single lash. While these extensions do a really good job, they can be heavier and may cause weak lashes to break. 

3. Can you still wear mascara and other makeup with lash extensions?

Pairing makeup with your new lashes is all kinds of fun, so, yes, you can wear makeup with your new lashes. Whether it is mascara, your favorite eyeliner, or eyeshadow, these products are fine to wear. Just make sure you go with mascara and other eye makeup products that are advertised as being safe for use with lash extensions and take care when applying your makeup. 

4. How long will the lash extensions last?

You can fully expect the new lash extensions to last several weeks as long as they are properly applied. Your eyelashes grow and fall out over time, so the extensions will naturally come out as your eyelashes go through this cycle. You may need to go for a fill-in to replace what lashes you lose every few weeks or so, but even that depends on how well you take care of the extensions and the rate at which your natural lashes grow.