5 Tips for Wearing a Custom Wig

Wearing a wig can help you change your style quickly and give you more confidence. Wigs come in a variety of different colors, styles, and lengths, so there is something for everyone. However, if you have never worn a wig before, you might not know where to begin.

Here are a few useful tips for wearing a custom wig.

Put on a Wig Cap Liner

Before you put on your custom wig, you will want to place a cap liner over your head. The cap liner will keep your wig in place and prevent it from moving around throughout the day. It also produces a barrier between your wig and your scalp, which can protect the wig from oils.

Wash Your Wig

Your custom wig might not be your natural hair, but you still have to wash it on a regular basis. Just like your real hair, wigs can accumulate dirt and oil over time, so they can look dull and dirty without proper shampooing. How frequently you shampoo your wig will depend on multiple factors, such as how much physical activity you get and how often you wear your wig. 

Avoid Going to Bed in Your Wig

After a long day, you may just be tempted to go to sleep with your wig on. However, doing so can cause your wig to wear out prematurely. You may also have to spend more time brushing out the tangles and taming the frizz.

Store Your Wig Properly

When you take your custom wig off, you don't just want to put it anywhere. Ideally, you will want to put your wig on a wig stand that is away from direct sunlight. Keep your wig away from pets and small children.

Wear Different Wigs

If you plan to wear a wig regularly, you may want to keep a few wigs in your collection. If you wear the same wig every day, it can get dirtier faster and endure more wear and tear. If you wear two or three wigs every week, they will endure less damage.

While wearing a custom wig can be intimidating at first, you will get the hang of it soon enough. If you follow these helpful tips, you can wear your wig correctly and help it last a lot longer. If you have more questions about wearing a wig, you should get in touch with your hairstylist right away.